9 Trending Blog Post Ideas for 2021 (+ Free Tools)

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Your blog’s success depends on what you write. Let’s learn about what topics are hot. Plus, learn how you can find new, up-and-coming topics for free!

Whenever you start blogging, you must ask yourself what topic you want to write about. It’s important that the blog topic is trending, money-making, and easy for beginners to write about. Once you start your blog, you need to learn how to plan topics for the future too.

Because of how many blogs there are on the Internet, simply making a blog haphazardly will not get you many readers or much success. Before getting started on your blog, you must know how to choose a niche, know what topics to write about, and know how to find topic ideas for the future.

To make the process easier, we have created this article to address all three issues. This article tells the most popular trending blogging topics today and how to find topics for tomorrow. These topics have been selected based on lucrative and popular blogs that are already successful and bringing in the dough.

Let’s jump right in!

When blogging first became popular, people used it as an online diary to share their thoughts with others. Although using a blog as a personal diary may seem fun and endearing, people don’t go onto the Internet to simply hear about other people’s day-to-day life. Except for your mother and a few close friends, nobody wants to read about your life.

That is why you need to create a blog site that is relevant to other users. The easiest way to do this is to create a blog that caters to a particular hot or popular trend. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Today, blogging is a key way to make a passive income. As a result, millions of new blogs are started every year, which changes the blogging scene dramatically. As competition increases, available content increases as well, making it more difficult to stand out.

If you want to write a blog about your day and ideas, more power to you. Just don’t expect people to visit your blog. The odds are stacked against a diary-based blog because Google’s algorithm is set up to find blogs that answer questions related to what people want to know.

In other words, Google is designed to recommend pages and sites that actually fulfill the user’s intent. Google’s number one goal is to make their search engine more relevant and helpful to the user. That is why they rank sites online. If you write content that helps the user, Google is more likely to recommend your pages whenever users search online.

This is why SEO is so important for blogs. SEO, or search engine optimization, determines which sites are recommended whenever someone searches a query in the search bar. Having good SEO means you are writing for the people, not just yourself.

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At this point, you may be asking, “Okay, but what does this have to do with blog trends and topics?” Well, let us tell you now.

If you write about already hot topics, you are writing for the people since you are writing about topics people already care about. In contrast, writing about topics that are not trending means that you are wasting your time writing about topics that people don’t generally look online for.

In other words, it’s absolutely essential to know what’s trending and hot on the Internet to create blog posts that are relevant, interesting, and helpful to your potential readers and Google users. If your content is not relevant, you won’t generate any readers in the first place.

Before we jump into trending topics for 2021, make sure you understand the basics of blog making. If you don’t, you can use this beginner’s guide to start a blog the people will love.

Quick Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers In 2021

If you already have a blog that’s up and running, you likely don’t need help learning about trending topics or how to find them. However, you may be stuck in a writing rut. Regular postings are necessary for success, but it is easy to get writer’s block after awhile.

If you are experiencing writer’s block and need a little bit of help coming up with unique blog post topics, check out these quick blog post ideas. We have separated these post ideas into ideas for seasoned bloggers and beginners to ensure you have a topic that matches your blog and experience level.

Remember, tailor each topic to your blog’s specific topic or niche to ensure that the individual blog post is relevant and interesting to your readers.

Blog Post Ideas For Seasoned Bloggers

  • Best books in your blog’s niche
  • Blog’s birthday celebration
  • Daily workout inspiration
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Gif-led post
  • How you create content
  • List of things you would’ve done differently when starting your blog
  • Personal development
  • Reader profile
  • Tips for new bloggers
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Working from home
  • Worst mistakes to make in your blog’s niche
  • Your personal manifesto

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

  • Book review in your blog’s niche
  • Compilation of best blog posts of the yea in your blog’s niche
  • Contest posts
  • Glimpse into your life
  • Goals for the blog
  • Hacks in your blog’s niche
  • Interview an influencer or notable person in your blog’s niche
  • Letter to your readers
  • Tools you use
  • Trending topics in your blog’s niche
  • What makes your blog special
  • What you learned when starting your blog
  • Year at a glance for your blog
  • Your inspirations for your blog, life, or work
  • Your mission statement

9 Blogging Topics And Ideas For Beginners That Have Stood The Test of Time

As a new blogger, it’s crucial to select a topic and niche that will stand the test of time. Above, we listed the trending topics for today. Although these trending topics are great to write about now, they may not be as popular in the future, meaning you shouldn’t create an entire blog dedicated to them.

That’s why it is essential to select a blog topic that has long been popular. Once you select your topic, you can find specific post ideas that are trending, keeping your blog relevant. Here are the most tried-and-true blog topics that you can create an entire blogging experience around with nearly guaranteed results.

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness has long been and will be an evergreen blogging topic. People always want to become more healthy and fit, even if they aren’t the best at following through. Because fitness posts are some of the most shared on the Internet, it is easier to get a fan base on a health and fitness blog. As science discovers more facts related to health, there’s always new things to write about.

For the most success, select a niche within the health and fitness industry. This includes workouts, diet, and healthy lifestyle. Given that people want different approaches to health and fitness, it’s important to select a niche that your users depend on and that resonates with you.

2. Money and Finance

Many of the most successful bloggers write about money and finance. In fact, the money and finance industry can be one of the most lucrative topics for bloggers. Of course, make sure that the content you post is easy enough for everyday people to understand but helpful enough so that they can accomplish their finance goals.

Just as with any other blog trend, select a niche within the trend. Within money and finance, there are quite a few niches that you can select. For example, saving money, earning money, budgeting, and investing are some of the most popular niches.

3. Food

Since everyone eats, food blogs are and have been one of the most reliable trends on the Internet. Whether you are a professional chef or an at-home cook, just about anyone can start a food blog that other users love to follow.

Within the food trend, there are a lot of niches to choose from. For example, you can upload your own recipes and pictures of your final products. You could also review other recipes or restaurants and give recommendations for people wanting to spice up their daily diet.

Pro Tip: Within your niche, you can specialize even further. For example, if you post food recipes, post recipes related to a specific cuisine or diet.

4. How-To Guides

At some point or another, everyone will need to learn how to do something they don’t already know how to do. Whether it’s assembling an appliance or learning a new kitchen recipe, people want a quick, easy, and interesting way to learn how to do these never-before-done tasks.

Create a how-to guide website to help people accomplish their daily tasks. You can select a how-to niche, such as how-to guides for building furniture to create a stronger purpose for your site. A stronger purpose helps you find readers who are thoroughly interested in your content and come back for more.

5. Fashion

Fashion has long been one of the most popular blogging topics, and it can help you make a lot of money. Create a fashion blog if you love writing about clothes and want to incorporate photographs into your blogs. If you love styling yourself, you could even post photographs of your daily outfits.

It’s important to note that fashion is not just for women. Many people assume that fashion blogs are dominated by women. This is simply not true. You can create a fashion blog dedicated towards men, children, or any other person.

6. Travel

Traveling is easily one of our favorite pastimes, and we are not alone. Travel bloggers can help other people experience the world through their computer screens. Write about avid travelers’ experiences and list travel tips, ideas, and hacks.

If you travel a lot yourself, you could even create a travel diary blog, where you write about your experience, tips, and travel recommendations. This is a great way to document your own experiences as well as help other people experience the world.

Pro Tip: There are a lot of travel bloggers online, making it difficult to stand out. Select a specific niche within the traveling industry, such as finding cheap tickets online.

7. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a rather comprehensive blogging topic that everyone loves. Select a niche within lifestyle, such as a vegan lifestyle or lifestyles for personal growth to help specialize your blog to find readers looking for the exact content you publish.

What makes the lifestyle trend so popular is that you can write about a variety of topics within lifestyle. This includes health and fitness, fashion, and more. By selecting a particular niche for the lifestyle, you connect all of the different topics together under a uniform theme.

8. Parenting

There will always be kids, and there will always be parents, making parenting blogs one of the most evergreen on the Internet. As more parents become aware of parenting’s importance early on, the content for parenting blogs is practically endless.

As with all of the other trends on this list, make sure to select a niche within your parenting blog. For example, parenting niches include working parents, single parents, or children with special needs to name a few. Simply select a niche that you feel comfortable talking about to give advice to other parents who want to learn more.

9. Home Improvement

Everyone wants to have the most beautiful and comfy home possible, making the home improvement topic a universal hit. Create a home improvement blog with a special focus on home improvement on a budget, home improvement for a self sustainable lifestyle, or any other specific niche to help your blog stand out.

One of the biggest trends within the home improvement blogging world is DIY home improvement. DIY is a way for homeowners to personalize the home experience and save money in the process. You don’t have to select DIY home improvement if that’s not your thing.

Free Ways to Find New Blog Topics and Ideas

Once you create your blog, you will need to put out content regularly, which is more difficult than it sounds. Here are the top free tools that seasoned bloggers use to stay ahead of the game:

Google Trends is one of the most useful free tools you can use for SEO purposes. Simply search a keyword within Google Trends’ search bar. There, you will learn the popularity of certain keywords now and in the past. Google Trends even offers related keywords, making on-page SEO easier than ever.

Collected from 2004 onwards, Google Trends can help you find topics that never grow old. Of course, you can limit the data pool, ensuring you find keywords that are on the rise and looking to become more popular in the coming year.

Pro Tip: Filter trends to target content in your particular area.

2. Reddit

Reddit is one of the top places where you can easily see what millions of other users find interesting and controversial. Search through Reddit Subreddits (or subtopics) to find out what other people are interested in and discussing in your niche.

Even if Reddit is not your thing, any blogger needs Reddit in their arsenal. Reddit users tend to be active on the Internet, meaning that they are highly likely to stumble upon your blog if it is a topic that interests them. You can even post on Reddit to get direct feedback about your ideas and content.

3. Quora

Quora is a search engine where all of the answers and questions are found on the same site. Since Quora is full of real people asking real questions, you can find topics that users want to know more about. Even people not active in the blogging world use this site a lot, making it perfect for just about any Blogger.

The easiest way to use Quora for blogging purposes is to look through their trending section. If there is a particular question on Quora, they posted because they couldn’t find the question online. That is the perfect opportunity to create a blog post dedicated to a question that isn’t thoroughly discussed on other sites already.

4. Feedly

Feedly lets you see your competitors’ content without visiting their site, allowing you to know what topics they are writing about with minimal effort. This helps you find more ideas and content that your audience wants to read.

To make Feedly even easier to use, you can even organize your favorite websites into folders, helping you specialize your content and types of posts. In other words, Feedly helps you compare yourself to your competitors without doing any extra hard work.

Pro Tip: Use keyword software like SEMrush to find trending keywords and topics. Try SEMrush for free for 7 days.

5. Social Media

You can use just about any social media platform, such as Instagram or Twitter, for free ideas. Search hashtags related to your niche to find out what potential users want to read. You can also reach out to leading influencers for advice and tips.

Like Pinterest, social media platforms are free promotion sites. Any successful blog will tell you that social media is a must in today’s market. You can even connect your personal social media accounts to your blog social media account, helping you to create a more personal experience.

6. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of the easiest tools to use. It is based on Google search patterns, allowing you to get real information on what users want to know. The setup is much like Google, making it easy to use, even for beginners.

How it works is that you start typing in a search bar. Answer the Public will then suggest follow up keywords. This can help you find related keywords to incorporate into your blog posts, enhancing your SEO. The one downside is that you only get 10 predictions.

Pro Tip: Confirm real search volume of keywords using a tool like Surfer extension.

9. Others

Below are two other sources that we have not used ourselves, but many popular blogs swear by:

Other Pro Tips

  • Type a query into Google and read the first page results
  • Pay attention to title trends
  • Install the extensions Surfer and Mozbar
  • Pay attention to article patterns
  • Read comment sections for ideas

We hope this article has helped you find the best topics so that your blog can help your readers, leading to more success and money-making ventures!

If you have any blog post ideas or trend topics that you think people will love, don’t forget to post in the comment section and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you.

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