Affiliate Marketing WITH Flexoffers: Worth The Hype?

If you want to make money online, the number one way to do that is through affiliate marketing. A leading affiliate marketing solution for beginners is Flexoffers. It incorporates into your current site so that you can refer individuals to other items. Whenever your fans purchase these items, you earn a small commission.

Of course, it’s essential to select your affiliate marketing program carefully. There is quite a bit of confusing or misleading information that can make it challenging to know which option is worth it, and which waste your time.

Beyond this, some programs promote individual advertisers, whereas others manage multiple. This can make it downright confusing to know which option to select, even when the program tries its best to help you out.

All this information is accurate about Flexoffers too. When you first start using Flexoffers, it can be incredibly confusing, and you might feel like you are wasting your time. In this review, we want to break Flexoffers down for you so that you don’t have to go through the headache of testing it out for yourself.

We will begin by giving an overview of Flexoffers and explain how it works. From there, we will explain how it works while you are working through the affiliate program. Finally, we will explain how Flexoffers makes money and give our final opinion on the program.

Let’s dig right in.

A Complete Review Of Flexoffers

Flexoffers is easily one of the most popular affiliate networks available. It oversees many companies, meaning you have many choices for commissions and companies. It has over 12,000 companies on board, and even big organizations choose Flexoffers as their affiliate program. Avon, Lenovo, and Yahoo are just a few examples of big companies that use Flexoffers.

You can skip the rest of the article and sign up if you are already sold on Flexoffers just on this information!

How It Works

Without going into too much detail, Flexoffers helps advertisers find publishers and advertisements for their business. They do this by selecting companies that already have an affiliate company or who don’t have one yet but want one. Whenever Flexoffers manages an affiliate program for an advertiser, it acts as a sort of manager.

Part of their managing job is to connect the advertisers with publishers. That is where you would come in. You can enroll for free as a publisher, allowing you to get a small commission on every item purchased through your site.

Here is a better breakdown of the advertiser and publisher roles in Flexoffers:

  • Advertisers: Advertisers are the individuals who sell their services or products through Flexoffers. Companies that use Flexoffers already have a high profit. Flexoffers offers advertisers affiliate application processing, compliance monitoring, payments, publisher selection, publisher support, publisher recruiting, reporting, and track of sales.
  • Publishers: If you were to join Flexoffers, you would be a publisher. These are the people who promote the content owned by the advertisers. Most publishers promote items and services through blogging, podcasting, offline marketing, and video marketing.

How Do Publishers Make Money?

If you are interested in becoming a Flexoffers publisher, one question is likely running through your head: how would I make money? There are multiple approaches for making cash through Flexoffers.

Option 1: Cost Per Action

Option 1 allows you to get paid per action. Typically, actions are done in the form of sign-up leads. It works because you ask your readers or viewers to give their name, email address, and answers to a couple of questions. That information you collect will then be sent to the publisher. From there, Flexoffers provides you a commission for the lead.

Option 2:  Cost Per Sales

As you likely figured, option 2 is when you get paid for a direct sale. Most advertisers at Flexoffers work in this way. Typically, you will get a portion of the commission in exchange for the sales.

If you are unsure which option to select, you should create a free account and get free lessons on affiliate marketing. This will allow you to know which option you should choose to maximize your time and money.

How Much Will I Make?

Once you weigh your two options, the most natural question to follow is how much you will make. Because Flexoffers has so many potential customers and items, there is a wide range of possibilities. As a result, it’s impossible to give an exact estimation.

For best results, you need to select a sponsor that relates to your specialty. For example, you need to pick a sponsor related to books and reading if you run a book review site.

You can start calculating how much you expect to earn by making a few calculations. You can estimate how much traffic and leads you have based on a conversion rate of about 3% to 10%. If you aren’t great at math, don’t worry. We are going to explain what this means by looking at an example.

Let’s say that your program offers $5 for every lead you provide. If your site has 1000 visits a month, you can assume that about 3% of these viewers will become a lead. With the estimation of a 3% conversion, you will get 30 leads. Your offering of $5 for every lead will give you $150 in commissions.

Getting Started: A Walkthrough Of Getting Started, Using, and Getting Paid Through Flexoffers

Now that we have discussed what Flexoffers is, how it works, and how much money you can make, let’s talk about the actual process of getting started and using Flexoffers. After all, usability is just as important as trustworthiness.

Advertiser Vs. Publisher

When you first get started, you will choose between being an advertiser or a publisher. This is a straightforward step. If you don’t remember what these rolls are, scroll back up. As an advertiser, you’ll need to fill out a registration form about your organization.

If you are reading this article, you are most likely going to be a publisher. As a publisher, you have to go through a four-step process. This includes filling out information, such as your name and email. Then, you have to consent to terms, give information about the website you’ll use, and list your traffic sources. Based on the information you provide, Flexoffers will either approve or reject your application.

Making Money

Once you are up and running with Flexoffers, you will need to start making money. The easiest way to make money using Flexoffers is to create a website, create quality content that generates high traffic, and naturally link the material within your content.

If you don’t want to set up a website, you can also affiliate market through a direct connection. For example, social media and email are great ways to connect with interested buyers directly. You can learn about which affiliate marketing technique is best for you by investing in an affiliate training program.

Getting Paid

Now that you put in all the work to make money, you need to get paid. Unlike many other programs, Flexoffers does not pay immediately. It also does not pay daily, weekly, or monthly. Instead, there are two installment types: Net7 and Net30.

  • Net7: Flexoffers will pay you one week after invoicing.
  • Net30: Place offers will pay you 30 days after invoicing.

Although this may sound quick, the process takes much longer than you would expect. The invoicing process takes about 60 days. Using the Net30 option means you would not get paid for 90 days. When it’s time to get paid through Flexoffers, you can either get your money via direct transfer, checks, or PayPal.

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What About Flexoffers?

How Do They Make Money?

After looking at what Flexoffers is and how it works as a publisher, there’s still one key question that we have hinted at but not fully discussed. How exactly does Flexoffers get their money? After all, they have to be making their money some way.

The answer is rather simple. Flexoffers makes all of their money from the advertisers. From every advertiser that uses Flexoffers, Flexoffers receives a 1% managing expense. 1% may not sound like a lot, but that quickly adds up with how many advertisers use their sites.

Flexoffers does not make any money from the publishers. Signing up with Flexoffers is entirely free, and you don’t have to pay charges for keeping the account. This means that Flexoffers makes its entire income from the advertisers, not the publishers.

Final Verdict

After going through all of the key information about Flexoffers, we have finally come up on our last question: what is our final verdict on the program? Simply put, we think that Flexoffers is a great affiliate program to use. It offers many companies and products to choose from. Plus, it is much more usable than other programs, though payment period can be a bit annoying.

Whether you are a current business person or want to start up a new blog on the side, Flexoffers has affiliate marketing options for just about anyone, including you. Because we think Flexoffers is such a great option, we recommend getting started today.

If you are a publisher, apply to the program by completing the registration. Just remember to select products that are relevant to your audience. One last time, sign up for Flexoffers to start making money today. It is well worth it!

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