Can You Save Money On Prescriptions


Health is the best gift from God. We often realize this after we get sick and have regular medicine prescriptions. Unstable health is already a nuisance, and on top of that, you have to pay bucks to purchase the medicines, making the whole situation more annoying than it already is.

About 25% of adults find it difficult to afford medication. Even if you are not a part of this 25%, who does not want to save a little extra money in their pocket?

You may find it hard to believe, but it is possible to save money when it comes to prescription medicine. Still in doubt? Guess you will have to read our tips below!

We will also discuss how to save money on a low income. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into it!

Opt for a 90-day supply

If you take regular medicines, you might want to consider a 90-day supply which can reduce the price. The savings can significantly add up savings over the course of a year. The medicines you need for a more extended period, like blood pressure medication or birth control pills, are a few medicines to consider a 90-day supply for.

Instead of buying monthly medicine, you can buy the supply for ninety days at one time, which can cut the costs up to 29%. Hence, make sure that you ask your doctor about prescribing a 90-day supply of medicine.

Ask for generic

Generic medications have the same active ingredients as name-brand medications. The only difference is the cost. The name-brand medicine is often expensive as there is higher demand for such drugs due to name recognition or good marketing. On the other hand, generic medicines are cheaper and offer the same relief.

The name-brand medicines charge you more for their longer periods of manufacturing; however, when the product is on the market, various companies introduce their products using similar ingredients. It is always a good idea to ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medication and offer you any generic forms if they are available. 

Compare the pharmacies

Before you make a purchase, it is best to check out various pharmacies and compare their prices. Oftentimes, some pharmacies sell the product for more money than the original price.

When shopping for clothes, you do not directly go to one shop and make a purchase. Similarly, it is necessary to look around a few pharmacies and see if they offer any discounts on the medication you need. Moreover, you can see what medication is cheaper at certain pharmacies.

Sometimes, if one medicine is cheaper at one pharmacy, the other might offer another more affordable medication. You can compare these prices and buy different medicine from different pharmacies.

Sign up for home delivery

Home deliveries are a safe and convenient method to help you get your prescription medicines regularly. Almost everything is ordered online nowadays. Why? Because it is convenient. What is better than having the thing delivered to you at your doorstep? It saves you the effort of going out, but it can also help you save money.

Most pharmacies offer online deals on medications that you can easily avail of. Not just that, but often, pharmacies even provide a discount when making a purchase online for the first time. Looking up the medication can also help you find a lower-cost alternative to similar medicines. The whole situation sounds like a win-win to us!

Check out the discount price

If you are struggling to pay for your medication, looking up prescription discount programs can help. When there is a new drug on the market, it is often expensive and is only available under the name brand. However, companies offer manufacturer coupons that you can avail yourself of after meeting certain qualifications in such situations.

These coupons can help you purchase the medication at a lower price range. However, it should be kept in mind that not everyone can avail of these coupons. These are only available for people who meet certain health requirements and can prove that they are insured.

Various prescription discount programs can help you avail discounts on different prescription medications. Such programs work directly with the manufacturer, which can help you avoid the market cost.

These are not the only ways you can achieve discounts. You can also look for pharmacies that offer coupons to entice customers. Such pharmacies provide some discounts on your first prescription as a new customer.

Ask doctor if medication is still necessary

If you have been taking medication for a longer period or have made a few lifestyle changes that have helped you improve your health, this might be a good time for you to reach out to your doctor and confirm that the medication is still necessary.

It would be best to discuss with your doctor that specific health and lifestyle changes have helped you improve your condition. Ask the doctor if it is still necessary to take the medication or, if possible, lower the dosage. This can help you save money as well. 

However, it should be kept in mind you should not stop taking doctor-recommended medication or even lower your dosage without consulting your doctor first.

Final takeaway

The prescription costs add up, especially if you take medication for the long term. However, several strategies can help people save money whether they are insured or not. For this, a person must work closely with their doctor as they can help with finding alternative solutions.

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