How Much Money Can You Make With Grubhub?


With the ever-growing number of online services, the opportunities to make extra cash on the side or begin working full-time are endless. With an average hourly income of $12 for beginner drivers, GrubHub offers the opportunity for more professional drivers to earn $20 per hour. 

Getting started

GrubHub is a restaurant delivery service like DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates. However, GrubHub may not be available in your city, so check if it is before researching whether you should sign up. 

Founded in 2004 in Chicago, GrubHub is available across 3,200 cities in the USA and partners with a whopping 350,000 restaurants. It has recently begun operations in London, with a high likelihood of expanding in Europe and other regions.

Making money on GrubHub – explained

So, how exactly do you get paid on GrubHub? The base pay per order from each restaurant is $4, but the rates vary in each area. Considering the mileage and time, the base pay may go up if you need more time to pick up an order from a restaurant. 

The best thing about GrubHub is that you see the expected amount you’ll get with the tip included, which you can expect to be paid by the customer. If the tips are stingy, you can opt-out and choose a more generous tipper if you’d like. Many customers also add a large tip after delivery, so don’t worry if the initial tips seem abysmal.

With GrubHub, you can either directly use the instant cash-out option (with a 50-cent fee each time) or accumulate the earnings over a week and withdraw them. The daily withdrawal limit is around $500. The withdrawal option is available for 15 minutes after completing the order.

Tips to increase your GrubHub earnings

Keep in mind that using GrubHub smartly will result in increased earnings. For example, taking more orders during peak times of the day (lunch and dinner) will result in higher earnings. The pay will also increase by a few dollars to motivate drivers to accept many orders. 

Other drivers recommend installing map apps to easily guide you to your customers’ and restaurants’ addresses. This way, you’ll save on gas, track your mileage correctly, and complete the order faster. Also, be sure to set aside money for maintenance expenses for your vehicle.

Work at your own pace

The primary advantage of doing deliveries for GrubHub is its “Managing Your Schedule” option, which enables you to schedule your hours ahead of time. Or, you can switch on the app and start driving as you please. 

Since this caters to your schedule, it is more convenient than Doordash, which requires you to set your hours ahead of time. No matter your commitments, delivery driving is made easy with this option since you can work it around your schedule.

Perks of working on GrubHub

The best thing about being a delivery driver on GrubHub is their GrubHub Recognition Program. They take note of drivers with excellent ratings and offer them perks such as highly-paid deliveries and bonuses. Climbing the hierarchy to becoming a Premium driver for GrubHub and availing of its perks isn’t too hard. 

When you begin, you have a Partner driver status. Your stats are calculated from then on. After 20 orders, you have the opportunity to become a Pro level driver and obtain bonuses through that status. 

Delivery stats and reviews over the last week are tabulated, taking into account a monthly performance. Did you have a particularly bad week when driving for GrubHub? You will still get the promotion since your previous performance is considered! 

GrubHub tabulates your promotions by your acceptance percentage of orders and attendance percentage, as in the number of slots you are committed to in advance. 

GrubHub offers Premium and Pro level drivers large orders, increasing the earning potential and tip amount per order. Even better, these drivers get offered slots during peak times before other drivers.

Take note

Since GrubHub is a delivery app, the number of hours you work, your location, and your vehicle type are all factors that contribute to how much money you make on the platform. 

However, you can minimize costs and maximize profits by adopting certain practices.

First, download an accurate daps app such as Waze, where you can use features like stops per delivery to each customer’s premises. Google Maps doesn’t have those options. With them, you’ll avoid wasting fuel, your time, and the customer’s time looking for their address.

Second, familiarize yourself with the routes. If you are new to delivery driving or are new to the area, it pays to make main routes and streets clear for yourself. This will prevent hold-ups and help you avoid traffic. The tips will come pouring in when you get to the customer in no time at all.

Getting a grip on how restaurants function is also essential. If your local KFC takes 30 minutes to prepare an order, it’s best to deliver elsewhere.

The final word

While GrubHub has excellent features that optimize your profit while providing restaurant delivery services with a streamlined interface, it’s worth checking out the better-performing competitors such as UberEats and DoorDash. 

The perks of working for GrubHub are that you get to keep all your tips and work on your schedule. The pay rates and withdrawal mechanisms are very straightforward, so give it a go if you are intent on making some extra cash on the side. 

The opportunities to earn bonuses make this app worthwhile compared to its competitors.  

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