How To Make Money With A Broken Foot

Earn injured

Got an injury that will seriously impede your income for months to come? Many people, especially those with office jobs, are rightfully stressed when they get a broken foot. However, this is no cause for concern since there are many things you can do while home-bound that keep the cash flowing!

Get the ball rolling online

It is no surprise to anyone in this day and age that the internet is a treasure-trove of employment opportunities. If the tasks you do at your office job are easily managed at home, you could notify your workplace and shift online until your foot is better. If that’s not possible, the first recourse can be to start an online job. 

You can make easy money by selling things you no longer need on eBay or Craigslist to bring in extra cash. Many people don’t realize that trading and reselling online is a lucrative job. This can also involve monetizing your hobbies, such as graphic design, carpentry, and painting. Even if you still have your regular job, you can take some time out of your day to sell your crafts and skills online in the duration it would otherwise take you to travel to and from work. 

Social media management

Another large market when it comes to pursuing a career online is social media management. Big brands and corporations are always looking for someone with an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of marketing to manage their social media platforms. If you’ve worked in sales, replying to customer inquiries and the like should be a piece of cake. 

The best part about social media management is that you don’t have to leave your couch and disturb your feet. Tasks you will be doing in this job only require a robust WiFi connection and a smartphone. You’ll be designing social media strategies and audits, creating and managing social media content, and increasing social media traction. 

Some social media management jobs require a degree in communication, but many people earn a lot of money by picking up the skills through freelancing, then entering the market. You can also attend bootcamps, watch tutorials, and apply for certifications.

Capitalize on your talents

Are you talented at painting, singing, interior design, arts and crafts, or anything else? You can make money online by offering your knowledge and insight to others. Take music, for example. Have you been endowed with a musical talent that you’ve never gotten an opportunity to share with the world? 

Not only can you make a substantial profit uploading music covers (though it takes time), but you can teach others how to play the instrument you play, the know-how of production, DJing, or any other musical forte of yours. With sites like Skillshare, you can see how others with the same talent are marketing theirs, then construct your own strategy. 

If you have a piano or a violin, you can make a lot of money offering students lessons from your home. You can design your classes to be one-on-one sessions or even group classes. If your foot doesn’t permit even the most minimal of movement, you can take your teaching online.

You can list your lessons on Craigslist, Skillshare, ZipRecruiter, and other platforms for potential students to find your services.

Accountancy or consultancy

These two jobs are easily undertaken from your desk if your feet aren’t in the best working condition. If you have experience in accountancy or consultancy, plenty of firms have remote positions with a highly paid salary, which you can do even when you’re injured. 

Don’t have the necessary degree or skills? Go for something easier like data entry. You can learn the skills quickly, and soon, you can be making some serious bucks without having to move at all. Consultancy is a vast field, so wherever your expertise lies in terms of taxation, IT consultancy, legal consultancy, or management consultancy, you can provide your services online. 

The number of hours you put in, your level of expertise, and your field will determine the amount of money you make in these two fields.

Do online tasks

There are many drawbacks to having a broken foot, but losing out on income doesn’t have to be one of them. Your broken foot gives you a prism to look into the marketplaces where you can get paid through websites requiring certain skills to perform specific tasks. 

Tutoring agencies, for example, require teachers for different time slots in various subjects, so you can log in for the time needed and make a substantial amount of money. You can even make a tutoring job your main hustle. 

You don’t need to be an expert in anything to earn money online. Websites like Liveops pay you to answer phone calls, Crowdsource pays you for small, one-time projects, UserTesting pays you for curating blogs and creating designs, and Speakwrite pays you to transcribe information.

Online tutoring

This money-making scheme deserves a separate analysis and can easily be undertaken with a broken foot. There are several online tutoring agencies that you can sign up for. They will ask for your area of expertise, the times during which you are available, and hire you after a virtual tutorial of your teaching skills. 

After your commitment to the tutoring website is over, you can create your own clientele of students who you can then teach personally, on your terms, and without pay cuts from your salary for consulting the website. 

For this, you’ll need a certification of a degree, or at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. If you do it on your own terms, you must show a good transcript in the subjects you teach. 

Sites like Tutor, Revolution Prep, Course Hero, Englishunt, VIPKID, and more are great for teaching SAT and ACT prep, giving English lessons, teaching the sciences such as physics and chemistry, offering crash courses, and taking tests. You only need software like Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype to communicate virtually with students. 

The bottom line

Having a broken foot doesn’t warrant you sinking into fits of depression because your workplace cannot accommodate your injury. Instead, find alternative methods of earning money online. If you don’t, the medical bills on top of no income will hit you quite hard.

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