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Uber Eats

A monetary scheme

For students and those who have a vehicle free most of the day, UberEats is an unmatched way of making extra money. As part of the larger Uber taxi enterprise, the UberEats branch deals with food delivery services in collaboration with local restaurants. 

The business model looks like this: you, as a delivery driver, will sign up exclusively for UberEats, pick up orders from restaurants, and drop them at customers’ homes. The streamlined mechanism of Uber’s GPS will be a great help to you as a delivery driver, and the tip system enables you to make a good amount of money per order. 

UberEats stands out in the US as a premium food delivery service, so you will have no shortage of deliveries.

How to get started

To sign up for UberEats, you need to follow a few initial procedures. As per all Uber delivery services, you’ll need to submit your social security number. Uber will carry out its stringent background check. 

You must also be an adult (the age differs from state to state and country to country), submit a valid driver’s license, and an appropriate form of vehicle insurance.

Next, download the app. Upload your financial and personal information and submit all required documents. Within a few days of your application, UberEats will notify you that your account is active, and you can begin with deliveries after clicking the “Go” button. 

Next, you can utilize the UberEats GPS to navigate around deliveries. The UberEats support helpline can assist you if there is a particularly cumbersome delivery location. You can choose one of two payment packages – per every order or on a distance-time basis.

Your expected income

As a large global enterprise, UberEats requires you to have your own vehicle. The general estimated income for a full-time driver considered an independent contractor by the company can be up to $43,000 per year.

If you only commit part-time, you obviously won’t make that much. The per-hour rates range between $10-$12 an hour, which is a better, competitive rate compared to other similar services. 

The best thing about UberEats is that your income takes into account mileage, expenses, and the customer’s delivery fees, so you aren’t losing vast chunks of your income on mileage and maintenance.

Got a scooter or bike that has been collecting dust? It’s time to put it to good use. Sign up for UberEats and make some cash!

How it works

It’s very simple to sign-up to UberEats and begin working within a few days, with the added perk of you as a driver having the leeway to work as much or as little as you want. 

Simply log in to the app at whatever time of the day you can make deliveries, and you’ll be good to go. The smarter route is to do the bulk your deliveries during peak hours (lunch and dinner time).

Before signing up, you should understand the payment mechanisms for UberEats, which are divided in two:

Base pay

This method uses a time/distance analysis, then creates a standard fee accordingly. When a customer requests a delivery, this initial amount is what you will see on your screen. 

However, this is the minimum delivery benchmark and you will likely be tipped generously if you complete the trip promptly. The total sum takes into account mileage, pickup, and drop off fees together into one amount. You can withdraw anything you make through InstantPay as many as five times a day!


With UberEats, you can make extra cash in two ways, the first of which is Incentives. This is used to reward drivers who have stuck around with the app by encouraging them to take on more deliveries through boost payments, surges in orders, and quests. 

The second is the UberEats Trip Supplement, where the app saves you from spending too much on costs by taking into account the distance and time taken per delivery. 

Even better, UberEats lets you keep 100% of the tips you make while driving for them, whether you are tipped through the app or in cash.

Play it smart

As with any other enterprise, it’s not so much about working hard on UberEats as it is working smart. You can adopt some mechanisms that are sure to boost your earnings. UberEats offers you several opportunities to do so.  

The first way is to ensure that during peak hours, you are delivering to areas with surge pricing. Instead of opting for multiple deliveries, making one large one could have you set for the day. 

High demand areas will have a substantially spiked payment rate, so you should prefer them over areas that are nearer to you or more convenient.

UberEats has a Boost promotions feature, where the app offers a higher pay for deliveries in particular areas in certain time slots. Working in the indicated hot spots ensures that you’ll make the highest possible pay per delivery

Your app will indicate when the promotion is active and show the areas with the Boost option outlined clearly. This feature can multiply what you expect to earn per delivery by three times as much during particularly busy hours. 

Referral codes are another option. If you sign up for UberEats using a referral code, you will be paid a substantial bonus upon starting the job. If referral codes are applicable when you are signing up, be sure to use them.

The bottom line

As the industry leader in the worldwide online taxi service, UberEats offers a plethora of opportunities to make serious money as a delivery driver. 

When compared to other industry giants such as DoorDash and Postmates, UberEats provides a significantly better earning package. The perks offered are not to be missed. 

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