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Life without technology is difficult, and with more tech products come high bills. Best Buy is one of the few electronic retailers where you can find great products at affordable price points. In the last decade, Best Buy has increased its efforts in offering its customers a wide range of savings and deals. 

If you’re looking to buy new electronics, here are a few steps on how you can save money at Best Buy and not break your budget.

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Join the rewards program

If you are someone who enjoys purchasing electronic goods, the Best Buy rewards program will help you maintain your budget. 

Best Buy offers its customers a My Best Buy rewards program that gives you access to exclusive rewards. With this program, customers receive rewards in cash certificates that can be used for purchases, special sales, exclusive member offers, and free shipping on orders of $35 or more. 

This program is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Best Buy’s products. The more you shop, the bigger the benefits you get. 

You rise to the Elite Plus member rank when you spend $3,500 in a calendar year. At this level, you enjoy a 25% point bonus on top of the rewards you already get. You can also earn points by submitting customer reviews. You can make your purchases at the Best Buy store online. 

Sign up for alerts

Products are not always available at full price at Best Buy. The shop offers multiple discounts and ongoing sales. These include the flash 4-hour sale where a group of items is discounted for a couple of hours only. When you sign up for alerts, you get notified about these sales and can take advantage of them.

There are many items you wouldn’t think of that are available at Best Buy for cheap such as portable solar generators or 3D printers.. Did you even know you can actually make money with 3D printers!?

Sign up for the email newsletter at the bottom of Best Buy’s website to get alerts. Once you sign up, you will stay up to date on any ongoing sales at the store. You can follow Best Buy on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on any sales or discounted items. Best Buy’s main Twitter account has a separate account solely dedicated to sales. 

Deal of the day

Apart from the season and flash sales, Best Buy also offers a deal of the day sale. These limited-time deals are a great way to purchase the electronic item you desire, and if they don’t offer something you want, you can keep checking back every day. 

Check out the deal of the day section on Best Buy’s website to find out about deals. Best Buy buy usually offers one featured deal on a heavily discounted item; however, these items sell out quickly. Make sure to check their website as soon as possible to avail of great discounts. Any item you purchase from the deal of the day can be delivered or picked up from the store.

Best Buy open box

Another great way to save money at Best Buy is to shop from their open box or refurbished item section. Open-box refers to returned items, and you can repurchase their items from the store at a lower price. This policy makes it easier for customers to get their favorite products at a low price. 

Shoppers looking for any item on the Best Buy website or app will get an option to purchase an open-box version. This offer is subject to availability and your location. While getting a defective item through the open box section is possible, many returned items follow Best Buy’s strict return policy. This policy allows Best Buy to resell products without compromising their quality. 

Use coupon codes

Conclusion: Several websites offer coupon codes to avail discounts and rewards. Coupon codes are another way of getting great savings on your favorite products. Visit websites such as DealNews and RetailMeNot to obtain coupon codes on Best Buy items. 

You can save money on in-store products and online purchases with these codes. The coupon codes start from 20% to 60% or more. 

Shop Black Friday sales

Most shoppers know that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events and a great way to enjoy deals and discounts. Best Buy also offers great saving options to their customers on Black Friday. When you shop at Best Buy as an Elite Plus member, you get access to deals such as:

  • Extremely high reward point earnings
  • Extended return and exchange window
  • Extended price match window

While most shoppers can’t price match during Black Friday week, shoppers with Elite Plus membership can price match weeks afterward, giving them a big advantage. 

If you are looking to buy 4k TVs, appliances, and video games, you should wait until the Black Friday period as Best Buy offers major savings on these products. These purchases can be made in-store and online. 

Cyber Monday sales

Cyber Monday is another savings event online just after Black Friday. If you feel like you missed deals on Black Friday or were unable to get the items you want, you can check out discounts during Cyber Monday.  

Cyber Monday deals usually focus on computers and laptops, so if you are looking for these particular items, keep an eye on the Cyber Monday sales. 

Best Buy’s prime day sale

Even though Amazon’s Prime day is mostly focused on the company’s products, many other stores are also offering major sales during this day. 

Each store has its name for the sale, but Best Buy also has its sale if Amazon has a prime day sale. These sales aren’t as big as the Black Friday sales, but they still offer reasonable discounts on many items. 


Best Buy offers multiple options to avail of major discounts and earns rewards. Follow our eight simple steps to get the best bang for your buck and save money in Best Buy. Happy Shopping!

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