How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2022


Pinterest is a popular social media site used by 31% of online American adults. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

There are several possibilities for creators to use Pinterest and generate revenue. Indeed, many people use Pinterest to find inspiration for their projects. However, businesses and individuals can use this platform several ways to generate more income.

With Pinterest, you can generate income from your content, eCommerce business, or blog traffic. Now is a great time to start if you’re not using Pinterest.

But how exactly do you make money on Pinterest? 

We’re here to answer all your questions, including that one. So let’s find out! 

7 ways to make money on Pinterest  

Depending on your goals and strategy, there are many ways to monetize Pinterest. Certain Pinterest boards are more profitable for you to join. 

Some of the most popular Pinterest boards focus on DIY projects, food, fashion, and travel. These are the niches that are most likely to bring in money. Still, Pinterest is growing in all types of content, so you can test out and decide which works better for you.

After you’ve figured out your niche, there are 7 options to make money on Pinterest. Of course, you can use one or all of them at once, depending on how big your follower base is.

1. Pinterest creator rewards 

Creator Rewards is a program where Pinterest pays Creators for creating Idea Pins that meet specific criteria or reach specific goals. Pinterest will post specific invitations, and creators will create idea Pins for each invitation. 

To join the Pinterest program, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have a Pinterest business account in good standing, use the Pinterest app, be 18 or older, be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, and have a valid email address. You must also agree to the Creator Code. 

Finally, you must have published at least 3 Idea Pins in the last 30 days, and a minimum follows the base of 250 followers have saved at least 150 of your published Pins in the last 30 days. You can find the option to apply on your Creator Hub or Pinterest creator rewards guidelines page.

2. Pinterest creator funds 

The Pinterest Creator Fund provides financial and educational support to help talented content creators from underrepresented groups improve their Pinterest skills. 

It provides participants with a 5-week workshop program, personalized Pinterest strategy consulting, and a financial grant. These resources can help you grow your account and increase traffic to your pins. While it’s a highly selective process, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply.

3. Becoming a Pinterest VA 

If you deeply understand the platform, consider becoming a virtual assistant on Pinterest. There are many reasons why this could be a great decision for you. First, it can be a fun way to supplement your income. Second, it can be a great way to learn new skills and connect with others.  

Pinterest VAs can perform many roles on the platform, from scheduling pins to conducting keyword research. However, if you produce results for your clients, they will likely pay a high price.

4. E-commerce on Pinterest 

If you sell products online, pinning your product pages to Pinterest can help increase sales. When you pin items from your online shop to Pinterest, you can generate meaningful traffic targeting your ideal customers. 

Before sharing your products on Pinterest, ensure you have enabled Rich Pins on your website. Product-rich pins allow you to access the most up-to-date information about your products, including the price, inventory, and product description. 

This eliminates the need to update existing pins manually. Rich pins are free to use and only require a small code added to your website. New websites requesting Rich Pins are typically approved within a day.

5. Increasing blog traffic 

You can make money by using blog traffic from Pinterest. If you can attract enough website visitors from Pinterest, ads can give you a passive income stream. Some ad networks require a certain number of monthly page views or sessions, but some allow you to start early.

Affiliate marketing on your blogs through Pinterest can also become a great way to make money using your website and the platform simultaneously.

6. Affiliate marketing 

You can link Standard and Video Pins to affiliate links and even tag products in Idea Pins using affiliate links! However, to become a successful Pinterest affiliate marketer, it’s important to be familiar with the rules and guidelines. 

For example, you should clearly disclose any pins featuring affiliate links (including the #ad identifier), and be sure your affiliate programs and networks allow you to promote their links on Pinterest. So make sure to read Pinterest community guidelines before getting started.

7. Promoting brands 

You can become an influencer on Pinterest and work with your favorite brands to promote their products. Some influencers now include Idea Pins in their media kits to help promote their ideas. 

Pinterest released a paid partnership tool that allows you to tag brands you’re working with. Many Pinterest brand deals are formed outside of Pinterest. However, some people connect with brands through Pinterest, create a creative Pin, talk about a product they love, and tag the brand! 

Brands can also use your Idea Pins to create ads, which can help you get more exposure. To increase the likelihood of working with brands, focus on increasing followers, growing an engaged audience, and getting more impressions to become a promotional page that attracts brands.

Key takeaway 

With so many different options, the final decision is yours to make. If you’re unsure where to start, we suggest you try out the basic strategies first and increase your follower base.

In the end, if you truly enjoy posting about your niche, your followers will increase organically. Then find the most suitable route and watch the dollar bills coming your way!

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