Steady App Review: Best Way To Find A Side Hustle?

Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular for millennials, and so are Fintech platforms.

Today, most work is done remotely, and many companies offer various working options, including flex time, telecommuting, and even full-time remote employment.

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with working at home, and many choose to freelance instead of work at a single company. With technology changing the landscape work landscape, companies are also finding ways to create new opportunities for their employees while also providing them with flexibility.

In all this hustle, we come across new apps every year, and users remain perplexed about which one they should use. So here we are to save you hours of research with a steady review on Steady!

Don’t get it? You will soon.

So, let’s begin!

What is the Steady App? 

Launched by financial expert Adam Rosman in 2017, Steady is an online platform that connects gig workers to customers looking for help around the clock. 

By aggregating gigs, part-time work, and freelance opportunities from across the web, Steady aims to create a single place where all these different types of work can be found.

Through its unique approach to matching, Steady ensures that freelancers get paid quickly and accurately, and customers receive the service they need at the right price. Job seekers can easily browse hundreds of thousands of gigs to find interesting positions. 

Anyone can create a listing and add relevant information to increase their hiring chances. For those seeking additional funding, Steady is an excellent resource for finding remote job opportunities globally to save money faster on a low income or make some extra money in free time.

How the app functions – key features 

Steady works with the Workers Fund. By partnering with them, Steady can provide cash grants to those who may not have other options. They can also help users get back on track financially if they lose their job.

Steady gives users insights into what they need to do to earn more. By helping users track their income, Steady can connect them with partners that can help them save money. It also offers an Income Passport feature, allowing users to see their income and expenses simultaneously.

The app will also help you connect with financial partners like low-cost banks and affordable auto insurance providers, making it a complete solution for millennials who fail to save money effectively. But how effective is the platform itself?

First, let’s go through some key features of the Steady app to understand it better.

1. Sign-ups 

The Steady App is available for both Android and iOS. Once you’ve installed the app, all you have to do is sign up. After creating your account, you will need to answer a short questionnaire assessing your preferences and profile for relevant jobs in the future. Some of the questions include topics like:

  • The type of work you want 
  • The location you are available at
  • Your availability 
  • Education
  • Previous job experience 

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will be matched with available positions. You can browse the list of jobs to see if there is anything interesting and contact recruiters and companies directly through the app. You can also use location, job type filters, and more to shortlist your options.

2. User-friendliness 

Since the main idea was to be an all-in-one personal finance platform, the Steady app’s interface is innovative and convenient. Everything, from signing up to get jobs, and tracking your income, can be done within the app.

3. Earning methods 

Like other apps, Steady is not limited to freelance gigs; the app offers other methods to earn money.

Job opportunities – Steady is like a giant job board. There are more than 1.5 Million jobs available at any given moment. Users have reportedly made around $5,000 per year from side gigs on the platform.

Grants – Steady said it had already given away more than $4M in emergency grants to users in need. Users can apply for a grant through the app, which doesn’t guarantee to fund but links a user’s bank account if approved.

4. Special boosters 

The income boosters section of the Steady App gives members access to financial product recommendations that offer sign-up bonuses. Common products are banks or loan products.

By using the feature, users will get access to free money-making opportunities. Users must not use recommended offers or sign up for particular products.

5. Diversity 

Many different types of jobs are available on the platform, including gigs like dog walking and sitting, house-sitting, deliveries, and package handling. Traditional part-time and full-time opportunities are also available.

However, Steady aims to help you find side hustles, not full-time employment. Therefore, it allows users to choose the positions they see, so they aren’t just looking at every job. The job listing also reflects this side hustle mindset so that you won’t find secure long-term offerings as much.

Pros and cons of using Steady 

Now let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of using Steady. Like any other platform, Steady also has its fair share of shortcomings and exclusive benefits; we will lay them out for you to consider how you should work on the app if you work at all.


  • Three different earning opportunities
  • User-friendly interface with advanced features
  • Easy to integrate with your Bank to transfer payments 
  • Free sign-up and use
  • High-paying side jobs
  • The low monthly cost of plans


  • High commission rate
  • Unsteady source of income
  • The free plan is very limited
  • It can be time-consuming for full-time workers 

Key takeaway 

Steady is an online platform that lets users connect with different job opportunities from all over the world. Job seekers can browse through different freelance web design projects, post their preferences and start applying immediately! 

Steady gives users full control over how much time they spend working and what type of work they choose. So with all features, benefits, and drawbacks explained here, the final decision is yours to make!

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